about me

Lush Flora.
From my childhood to the age of twenty, I lived in Africa, in Gabon, amongst luxurious vegetation. Florist should have been my first professional choice in life, but alas, it wasn’t.

Passion for Flowers.
My passion for flowers was deeply rooted, but I didn’t nurture it for many years.

I started to express myself creatively in 2014 by taking floral art classes at the Youth and Culture Centre (MJC) in l’Union, France.

Floral Realisations.
Over the years, and with my achievements in floristry, I accepted the notion of throwing myself, whole-heartedly, into this field.
Only one thing was missing in order to be credible in the eyes of my future customers: A Florist diploma.

Specialised Artisan.
Thanks to my sister, and the ability to take a training leave, I was able to complete a Professional Aptitude Certificate (CAP) as a Florist doing a work-study programme at both The Apprentice Training Centre (CFA) in Blagnac, France, and at Hawthorn Creations (Aubépine Créations) in Toulouse, France.

Floral Studio in the Toulouse Metro Area.
The creation of my Floral Studio, AFLEURESSENCES, is the end result of a dream come true.
Thank you to my family for supporting me in this project.
If you can dream it, you can do it!

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